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Allow us to show you what makes us a top choice for digital marketing firms not just in our local Staten Island market, but countrywide. Specialized in digital marketing for local business and franchise marketing operations.

You deserve your fair share of web traffic.

Voted NYC’s Best Digital Marketing Agency 2020

Digital marketing encompasses a wealth of skills and knowledge. Charge Media Group, Inc. proficiently develops, customizes, implements and manages Google Ad Words, Yahoo, Pay Per Click, SEO campaigns, and Bing AdCenter accounts. Specializing in sending a healthy mix of paid and organic traffic to a business website leading to conversions and increased revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website for search engine friendliness and creating content that provides value and delivers user intent. With good SEO in place, you will be able to rise to the top of pages for keywords you are targeting.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

A successful PPC campaign demands a great deal of attention. CMG dynamically allocates your monthly budget, selects keywords, identifies the best search engines and directory sites, helps target specific geographic areas and/or customers.

Social Media

In order to create an integrated marketing campaign, customers must have optimized social media accounts that represent their business. Marketing is about branding – we can help create brand awareness on all social media platforms including Google+, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Reputation Management & PR

Does your business count on reviews? Our reputation management service helps you track and respond to your business listing reviews, whether positive or negative. Charge Media Group can help formulate a response, challenge negative reviews on all review platforms and social media sites.

Email Marketing

Charge Media Group can help you to increase client subscriptions and reach them with information that they will find valuable. High-quality content marketing is one of the services we take pride in at Charge and we would love to help you reach your audience with this highly optimized and valuable content.

 Experience & training in the digital marketing space

Our knowledge and experience over the years allow our clients to maximize Internet advertising results with stress on ROI. We are motivated only by results, conversions, and returns.

Relevant, high conversion traffic is our mantra at Charge Media Group. We take pride in our ability to pair users with local businesses that satisfy their needs.

Online presence is important to the modern business owner

Let’s face it, online reputation and traffic can make or break a new business or one that needs to shed its skin and grow.

The local search environment is becoming very competitive. Investing in your online marketing is a need if you want to appear in the right places and be viewed by the right people. People near you who feed your business daily.

CMG dedicates time to your campaign and the proper setup.

Every Charge Media Group campaign includes the basics:

  • keyword strategy
  • content planning
  • properly designed ads
  • geo modifiers
  • effective ad headers and copywriting
  • ad group set up

CMG efficiently manages and optimizes the online footprint of your business. Account managers at Charge Media Group are well trained and passionate about their clients’ success.

Optimization and reporting down to every day

We don’t “set it and forget it.”

Charge Media Group guarantees that your web marketing campaign will be structured according to each customer’s individual goals and objectives over time as they change. Our commitment, dedication, and cost-efficient programs will deliver the results in order to reach local “ready to buy” customers.

Cost-efficient programs will deliver the results in order to reach local “ready to buy” customers. Nurturing these clients from the information stage to the buy is an important aspect of any good digital marketing provider.

CMG ensures that every component of these powerful programs is effectively implemented and optimized. We optimize daily to ensure that as your products and clients change and evolve, your online presence does as well.

Data-driven marketing and analytics

Our proprietary software and our experience with AdWords and Analytics allow us to optimize day to day. We quickly identify key opportunities.

What is not working is negated and what is working gets additional spend to maximize returns.

Charge Media Group is a brick and mortar agency located in Staten Island, New York with clients all over the country. Get in touch with us today to talk to someone about your goals and how we can help achieve them together.

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