If you own a business you must have a budget for online advertising.


Be on the top of the SERP “search engine results page”. Your business needs to be ready for those moments when users are searching for local products or services. Maybe they don’t know the name of your business or they don’t know about the existence of your service, so with online advertising, you will appear based on the words that they write on that search moment. You can create an effective advertising to reach the right audience, with the right message and get the client.

Think about how much money you are willing to invest in web marketing. Which keywords do you want to be found and which one is your goal: awareness of you brand, traffic to your website, sell tickets, book an appointment, place an order, download whitepapers?

Below are some perfect reasons to invest in online advertising:

1)      Maybe your business or service is doing good but you can do better.

People know you or know your service, but always there a niche that we are losing. Searches like “near me“ or “by me” can generate your business many new online new clients.People trust more brands and companies that have strong online presence.


2)      You can track all metrics such as clicks, impressions, costs, but most importantly conversions (calls & web actions). 

You should focus on ROI.  Why is that important? Well, first traditional advertising can’t be so clear with the numbers, and the second one, you are going to see the results of your inversion translated to real actions like how many people visit my website this month or how many sales through my website I get this week.


3)      You are going to know where your money is going and what results are better.

Keeping with the tracking advantage, you can create two or more different campaigns and compare results.  If your business can be promoted on a special holiday you can use that information in the future to know if that was a good inversion that you want to repeat next year.


4)      Knowing my perfect client.

Maybe you think you know who your client is. But online ads can give you a lot of information to better know and understand your client or future client.  Understanding your client’s demographics will help target the right users, with the right messages at the right time of the day.

Help customers find you! Be in the right place at the right moment. Target your audience and reach new revenue goals every month. Focus on your ROI; not just clicks.