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Looking to take your business online for the first time or re-vamp something outdated? Our in-house team can help you take control of your web presence with something modern, sleek, and best practice for your vertical.

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Web Design & Development, Locally-Sourced

A good  website can give your brand a presence that will draw attention and help your prospects to connect with you easily. it can help you get yourself out there in the digital community and give people interacting with you on other platforms a place to learn more or contact. A properly designed website becomes a monetary asset to your business that generates revenue and warm leads for staff to follow up with.

CMG offers a full suite of web design and web development services to help you bring your brand website to relevance. We are located in Staten Island but service clients throughout New York City as well as the country. Get in touch with us to see if you would be a good fit.

Web design packages include:

  • Conceptual work and wireframing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile friendly design (Tablets, too!)
  • User experience focused
    • Appropriate calls to action
    • Clear, concise information (properly keyworded)

Mobile friendly web development

Mobile friendly, responsive web designs are number one on our checklist of features for any new project. Mobile is king when it comes to SEO and searchability. Google and other search engines are transitioning to mobile-first indexing because of the popularity of cell phone browsing overtaking that of traditional desktop or laptop browsing by users.

What does this mean? The way your website looks on a smartphone is more important  than what it looks like on Google for the purposes of ranking on search engines.

Responsive web design

Our web designs are all fully responsive. This means that you can shrink and stretch them to any conceivable size and they remain readable with good spacing and appearance on any size screen.

Content isn’t all that differentiates you from your competitors anymore! User experience is rapidly taking precedence, as it should. Good information is only as good as its accessibility to the user. If they can’t display it properly, it isn’t very good, is it?!

Creating websites with SEO in mind

What is a user’s purpose for coming to your website? How can we make that journey an easy and enjoyable one for them? These are questions that are meant to be incorporated into the web design process from day one.

Our web design team is closely integrated with Tom DeSantis and the rest of our SEO team. Our websites are designed and developed with SEO in the forefront of our minds, not as an afterthought. By incorporating SEO into the web development process, we are able to accomplish two jobs for the price of one. Why have a website developed and then require someone to audit it for search friendliness when you don’t find it on Google? You shouldn’t!

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Content, URL structure, and user experience are designed from the ground up along with the website so that you can hit the ground running with less traffic loss and downtime at launch.

Whether you need a full web design or are looking to simply enhance your web presence, we can help! Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your goals for your business website.

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