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Learn more about the company that Expertise considers a top digital marketing firm in NYC for the past 3 consecutive years.

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Voted NYC’s Best Digital Marketing Agency 2019

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Charge Media Group offers Search Engine Marketing or SEM services in the NY metro area for businesses looking to rank on the top of search pages and gain organic traffic from search engines. Increasing website traffic with search engine marketing allows new visitors to find your website and well ultimately lead to more website leads, conversions and phone calls.

Integrated Digital Marketing Approach:

Internet Marketing is probably the most important part of your business endeavor. You can have a beautiful site but if you are considering how to get clients to find you then you might as well save your money. It’s a competitive world, and knowing how to build the site for optimum search engine ranking as well as PPC management is of great importance.

As important as your site design and marketing methods is analytics you choose to incorporate into your site. We not only install Google Analytics onto each and every page of your site, but we also assist you to understand how it works.

The Internet can be applied by companies as an integral part of the modern marketing concept since:

  • it can be used to support the full range of organizational functions and processes that deliver products and services to customers and other key stakeholders
  • as a communications medium it can act as a ‘corporate glue’ that can integrate the different functional parts of the organization
  • it facilitates information management which is now increasingly recognized as a critical marketing support tool
  • the future role of the Internet will form part of the vision of every company since its future impact will be significant to all businesses.

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 A Complete Solution & Continuous Optimization

CMG optimizes every campaign to get the best possible results that generates ongoing and new leads daily. We provide access to all the resources you need to refine and review campaigns online.

CMG continuously optimizes media placements, and provides real-time, ROI-based campaign optimization to measure and improve results, allowing for more effective use of your advertising dollars.

Tracking and Reporting

Our tracking and reporting creates a digital “paper trail” of all activity, allowing fast review of the campaign’s effectiveness and the ability to change on the fly. We can show you exactly where your leads are coming from and how much traffic your website is getting each month.

Our mission is to passionately help companies grow sales with strategic and creative online marketing expertise.

To get found by qualified local “ready-to-buy” prospects today, your company must be at the top of search engine results pages, linked-to from popular blogs and talked-about on social media services. To convert those prospects into paying customers, you need robust lead tracking and marketing analytics.

Once these qualified visitors are on your website, CMG helps convert more of them into leads and paying customers through landing pages, lead intelligence and analytics.

We consult closely with our clients and their marketing teams providing insight, leadership and direction for a variety of communications needs. As a result, a level of trust is developed that invites open dialog and a sharing of ideas.

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