Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

Charge Media Group offers pay per click advertising to help drive traffic and leads for your business. The Pay Per Click, or PPC marketplace is forever changing and a successful PPC campaign demands a great deal of attention. PPC is highly targeted and enables us to use all efforts in attaining the best PPC results for our clients. The team at CMG includes the most experience and knowledgeable PPC professionals in the country.

Successful PPC Campaigns 

✔ Keyword Research
✔ Ad Creation
✔ Learning Page Development
✔ Account Set Up
✔ Tracking Installation & Testing
✔ Campaign Launch
✔ Monitor Performance
✔ Campaign Assessment
✔ Analysis & Feedback

Dynamic Budget Allocation and Automated Keyword Selection

CMG dynamically allocates your monthly budget, selects keywords, identifies the best search engines and directory sites, helps target specific geographic areas and/or customers. It also selects the best keywords for your products or services based on your campaign budget, goals and objectives.

 Fix an AdWords Site Suspension

site suspended

If your Google AdWords Account is suspended, we can help! As a Google Partner, we have an experienced team who can help your website meet the guidelines and become active and able to advertise again.

Identify the Issues
Make Strategic Corrections
Submit Your Changes
Get your Business Back on Google!

Fix My AdWords Account

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