Google+ was around for a while but never grew to the level of popularity that Google had hoped it would. Despite integration with other smash hit Google products like Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube, It was never a contender the likes of Facebook had to worry about. According to Google’s own words, “90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than 5 seconds.”

Aside from that, there have also been some possible security concerns noted with the social media platform. Given this potential for abuse and the low user base, Google decided it was best to simply pull the network offline, salvaging bandwidth for other, more sensible projects and services.

Google+ is set to be shut down in August of 2019, giving users plenty of time to download anything they would like to keep and move it to another network or personal hard drive for safe keeping.

Does this mean anything for your rankings?

Probably not. As stated earlier, there was a very small user base on Google+ and they have been pushing back on the influence of “+1” buttons ever since the feature was launched for websites. Google has officially stated that it doesn’t use Google+ or plus ones as a ranking signal at all.

Any influence on rankings this network once had is long gone. You shouldn’t see an affect on your rankings this August when it officially closes its doors.