According to an official post by the Google Webmaster Blog, “we now use mobile-first indexing for over half of the pages shown in search results globally.”

This rollout has been happening over the past few months and we thought hit was time for us to post about just what mobile-first indexing is and what it means for your website.

What is mobile first indexing?

Well, to answer that, we should probably first answer what is indexing?

In search engine marketing, indexing happens when Google or another search engine crawls your site using a bot or spider and places your site in their search results (or in the “index”).

Mobile-first indexing is when a search engine indexes your site and decides where to place it based on the mobile version of your site instead of the desktop version. This is happening more and more on the web. Google has now announced that over half of all sites are being indexed this way.

What does this mean for my business website?

To bring it down to a “so what does that mean for me?” level, you need to make sure your site is responsive and mobile friendly.

Google themselves (with good reason) has made a tool that you can do this for free by simply plugging in the URL you want to check.

You can find their mobile-friendly testing tool here.

If you use this tool and find that your site is not mobile friendly, it means a few things:

  • You should have it re-designed or, at the very least, have it re-designed to be mobile friendly.
  • Mobile is more popular than desktop and laptop at this point in time. If your site is not giving them a good user experience, they are not converting into clients because they can’t figure out the site. NOT a good reason to lose a client!

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